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Effected Web Design

Our web design uses beautiful themes built on the Genesis Framework.

Enjoy Responsive web sites

We create modern, simple yet effective web site designs. We concentrate on small business web sites. With years of experiences as a small business, we know what it takes to effectively market a small business

Blog Startup

Are you considering writing a blog? Blogging is a great way to build a customer base and get out the word. If you are confused about how to get started then let us get you started by setting up your blog.

Blog Management

So you're a blogger, you know how to write, but the technical aspect is not your expertise. Whether you are just starting, or you already have a customer base, we can help you manage your blog.

Pricing for any Small Business or Individual

Below are some common services along with pricing. We can cater to your needs..

Simple Website Design or Blog


Basic, one-page web presence or blog

  • Free, no-commitment consultation
  • 1 page or simple blog
  • Mobile site
  • Perfect for an online business card, “coming soon” page or special event
  • Fast! Ready in as few as 7 business days
  • Updates available at an hourly rate

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Standard website design or monetized blog


Turnkey site for small businesses or monetized blog

  • Free, no-commitment consultation
  • Up to 8 pages
  • Mobile site
  • Attractive designs specific to your industry
  • Fast! Ready in as few as 7 business days
  • 6 hours of updates in first 12 months
  • Includes Search Engine Optimization tool

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Premium Website Design or monetized blog


Stunning designs and advanced features

  • Free, no-commitment consultation
  • Up to 10 pages
  • Mobile site
  • Sleek, modern designs for any type of business
  • Ready in as few as 10 business days
  • Updates available at an hourly rate
  • Includes enhanced Search Engine Optimization tool
  • Includes a blog for simple updates and company news
  • Looks great on all screens – monitors, tablets and smartphones
  • Added functionality such as scheduling, client forms and more

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Blog Management

Are you a subject matter expert? Can you commit to creating three to five pieces of quality content per week? Would you like to make money with your blog?

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Frequently Asked Questions

More FAQ's

I see ads stating that I can have a web site built for under $200. Can I get that from you?

Most certainly! For $200 I can build you a web site worth $200, but I prefer to do better work.

So, you have to ask yourself "self . . . is a $200 web site how I want my customer's to view my business?" If the answer is yes, then maybe you should give it a shot to see what you get.

How much do you charge to build a web site?

This question is akin to asking "how much does a car cost"? As with the price of a car, there is no fixed price to build a web site. I can ball-park a basic web presence. My question to you is "what is your budget"? I will let you know your options based on your budget. We will then publish to your hosting site. If you don't have one, we recommend Tüfinz.

Do I have to use one of the themes that you recommend?

Of course not! If there is a theme that you must have, I can work with it. However, there is a reason why I recommend certain themes built on the Genesis Framework. Basically, these web sites are fast, functional and look great. You can select your own template, but I do not make any guarantees on functionality or speed. This web site that you are on now is built on one of my recommended themes.

I want to start a blog and make money from it, how do I do that?

Blogs that make money have great content. If you can create great content then you need to register a domain name and get web hosting, we recommend Tüfinz. To build your website you can use the generic WordPress theme that comes with Wordpress, but we recommend StudioPress, with Genesis because the websites are easy to build, and they are very responsive. You will also need a tool to build your email list, we recommend AWeber to easily help build your business.

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